Kings Domain, Prahran

I stopped by the new Kings Domain Barber Shop in Prahran this week and it was stunning.

Kings Domain Barbers have been killing it since they began a few years ago with the first shop in South Yarra. 

Melbourne’s third Kings Domain is open for business in Greville St Prahran, following on from their South Yarra and Collins Street locations.

Led by the brand’s co-founder Aaron Chan, with award-winning, fellow co-founder Joey Scandizzo alongside him, the Prahran location continues the chain’s dedication to men’s grooming.

I've had a beard trim at the South Yarra shop before with my brother-in-law, but i'd never been to the Prahran shop.

The fit-out of the Prahran Kings Domain combines the look and feel of an English Gentleman’s club and American hunters cabin. Greville Street has a cool and relaxed vibe, suited to the Kings Domain clientele.

From the moment you enter the door your coat and tie are taken before you are offered a nice beverage. You're literally treated like a King.

My hair was cut by Joe, head barber/managing director of Kings Domain Prahran.

A cut from the barbers at Kings Domain is always an absolute indulgence. They use only the top products for washing, cutting, grooming and styling your hair.

For my haircut, I usually go for a 1-3 fade on the sides and around 1-2cms taken from the top. I get this done every three weeks.

On this occasion, Joe absolutely nailed the fade. The cut was super precise and he even managed to make my thinning hair look thick and styled.

I was super happy with the experience and the finished product. 

The reason Kings Domain are so good is the service and quality of your experience.

My tip is to come in earlier and enjoy a beverage before your cut.

For more information or to make a booking click here or check out:

Kings Domain -154 GREVILLE ST, PRAHRAN • 0395292692 •